ECRI rapporteert over de aanpak van België

ECRI rapporteert over de aanpak van België

Room for improvement

In conclusion, ECRI provided a list of 15 recommendations in order to improve society for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Progress on these issues for improvement will be monitored over the next two years by the organization.

ECRI advised schools to “include human rights education in their curricula and ensure that in their educational material they promote diversity and equal treatment.” Teachers, thought ECRI “need to be trained to prevent all manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, intolerance and harassment at school.”

The ECRI report also recommends that Belgium widen its conditions for acquiring Belgium citizenship saying that people integrate much better when they have the possibility of acquiring citizenship.

At the moment, the conditions state that to acquire citizenship, someone must be resident for five years, have paid employment, be socially integrated and have an A2 standard command of one of the three official languages (French, Flemish or German).

This rule, however, excludes those who are illiterate, even when they speak one of the three languages but cannot read or write, say ECRI. The law has disproportionately affected women, whose residency acquisition has declined by 5-6% since the introduction of these requirements in 2013. ECRI recommends allowing people to demonstrate fluency in the spoken language while relaxing the requirements on reading and writing.

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